I had a really busy week rushing out new handmade accessory pieces for Artz de Scrap in preparation for the filming with Singapore Fashion Runway yesterday. We had very short notice, just a few days, where we got to know that for the filming, the accessories are to go with a monochrome black and white theme.

The Filming Set-up

It started off with waiting for the production team to finish filming with another group before it was our turn. Then we moved to the set, got to see part of how they set up the backdrop, the various props. Here’s a backdrop set-up which I like, see the interesting shadows created!

Filming Backdrop - Shadows

Shadows of the Filming Backdrop

Artz de Scrap’s Accessories Set-up

We too, Artz de Scrap, set up our table to display our handmade jewelry to act us a backdrop for the scene of the filming. Here was the set-up we did! I love the black and white theme, even our lightbox nameplate goes well with the display of handmade jewelry. 🙂 Sneak peek on all the accessories we created for the filming. I was so worried we will not have sufficient accessories to display on the table, I didn’t want the table to be empty!

Artz de Scrap's Accessories Filming Set-up

Artz de Scrap’s Handmade Jewelry Filming Set-up

Meeting the Amazing Team of People

The filming starts, we went through scenes several times for the filming crew to capture various angles of the same scene. It was an experience for us and we had fun though it was a tiring 12 hours. Throughout the day, I am so glad to meet so many wonderful people and getting to know these people through Singapore Fashion Runway. It feels great and honoured to see some of them wearing the accessories I managed to rush out over the past few days, and having them appreciate my works. Well worth the effort and makes my day! I would like to thank these wonderful people (fellow designers, models, make-up artists, filming crew, Singapore Fashion Runway). Here are just some of them which I managed to get a shot with. 🙂

Social Cause Model with ADS Accessories

Social Cause Model Kaeanne wearing Artz de Scrap‘s Handmade Rainy Day Brooch and Focal Black Bracelet, Kaeanne’s Mummy, Joanna, wearing Artz de Scrap‘s Rainy Day Necklace and Bracelet

Fellow Models and Designers during Make-up Session

Fellow Models and Designers during Make-up Session

Social Cause Model with ADS Necklace

Social Cause Model Natasha wearing Artz de Scrap‘s Pendulum Necklace

Fellow Designers Artz de Scrap is pairing with

Fellow Designers from Singapore Fashion Runway Ms. Eileen Yap and Mr. Simon Chan that Artz de Scrap is pairing with

Model Jean wearing Artz de Scrap's T-Scale Necklace and Pleated Twist Bracelet

Model Jean wearing Artz de Scrap‘s T-Scale Necklace and Pleated Twist Bracelet

More Updates to Come!

Can’t wait to see the outcome of the filming in all cinemas starting 20 July 2017! Dreams do come true in a fashionable way. We are so glad that Artz de Scrap can be a part to help our community (Fashion with a Social Cause) create a lifetime memory and experience!

We will be posting updates here and also on our Instagram and Facebook page frequently on what we are up to till the runway day in August 2017, so stay tuned!