What Artz de Scrap has been Busy with for the Past Week

It has been quite a week for us, where we rushed out several handmade jewelry designed specially for Singapore Fashion Runway. After the rush to create the Monochrome Black and White accessories, we focused on the Summer Paradise theme given by Singapore Fashion Runway and created more pieces to fit the theme. Yummy colours always inspire the design of Artz de Scrap‘s accessories. Here’s the mood board we had created earlier on to go with the Summer Paradise theme. Excited to see the collection now? 🙂

Summer Paradise Moodboard-Artz de Scrap

Summer Paradise Mood Board-Artz de Scrap’s Inspiration

Summer Paradise Mood Board

With the Summer Paradise theme in mind, the theme makes me think of the Sun, Pretty Blue Clouds, Palm Trees, Texture of the Sand, the Waves rolling up the beach and the Clear Blue / Green Sea. With the hot and humid weather in Singapore, those who love being in the Sun would want to feel the heat and yet stay cool. Hence, Ice Cream and Umbrellas come to mind too. All of these serve as inspiration for my designs for Singapore Fashion Runway. The designs will also include a juxtaposition of colours and a mix of Soft and Hard Elements through the use of materials.

Sneak Peek of The Accessories

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the handmade jewelry we will be featuring. Artz de Scrap had designed 2 collections for Singapore Fashion Runway, which consist of a Colourful Collection named Colour Burst and a Black and White Collection named Marbled Chic.

Sneak Peek of Colour Burst Collection

Sneak Peek of Colour Burst Accessories Collection


Sneak Peek of Marbled Chic Collection

Sneak Peek of Marbled Chic Accessories Collection

I am loving how the accessory pieces turned out and can’t wait to show you the full range for the runway. Don’t the Colourful pieces look yummy like candies? The black and white bangles look like marble and are classy, love them so much! They are definitely easy to match with your outfits, for a funky look.

Stay Tuned for the Purchase of The Runway Pieces

All pieces for the runway are ready for the photoshoot next week and runway show in August. These Accessories will be put up on Artz de Scrap‘s online stores, Etsy and Shopee, our Facebook page and also on Singapore Fashion Runway’s webpage for sale in August. So stay tuned for updates on our Instagram and Facebook pages. In the meantime, do check out the other range of products we offer on our Website and Amazon store! 🙂