Here’s a Repost from craftcurate on Instagram which we saw recently. Don’t you find this to be true?

Repost of Craftcurate's post on Instagram

Repost of Craftcurate’s post on Instagram

The reason why handmade products are priced higher than mass produced pieces, is because you are buying not only the item, you are buying the maker’s hours of experimentation with techniques and various materials. You are buying a piece of Heart. Handmade pieces are made with love and the makers ensure the pieces are made beautiful before deciding to sell them.

Our Love for All Things Handmade

Artz de Scrap believes in this very much, and hence our love for handmade jewelry. Our love for handmade jewelry is not just in the designing and making, it also extends to our love and appreciation for other people’s handmade items. We hope that more people will appreciate and support handmade, so that the maker can explore more and have more time to do something they love. 🙂